Agile Mfg Chemical Co., Ltd.
Name:Agile Mfg Chemical Co., Ltd.
About Us
Established in Sept. 1999, Agile Mfg Chemical Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level privately-run business located in Qingyuan City High-tech Industrial Park in Guangdong Province. The company, mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacture and sales of surfactants and printing & dyeing auxiliaries, enjoys a high reputation in the industry. With more than 80 kinds of printing & dyeing auxiliaries, detergent chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, we are the supplier of around 100 manufacturers. In Aug. 2002, the company passed the certification of the ISO9001 Quality Management System. The philosophy of "Made in Agile Mfg" is originated from the Strategy of Developing the Advanced Manufacturing Industry of the US, which means promptly providing products that meet the needs of the markets and customers. The basis of this philosophy is continuous technological innovation. Ever since the establishment of the company, we have seen Technological Innovation as the core for the development of the company, and we have attracted a high-caliber team of talents majoring in biological fermentation, organic synthesis, chemical engineering, analytical chemistry, fine chemicals, dyeing & finishing, daily-use chemicals, computer science and business administration. In addition, we have established close cooperative relations with related research institutes from around the world. Through technological innovation, we have successfully developed macromolecule surfactants and phosphate ester series surfactants, which are the leading products enjoying a high reputation in China . In 2001, "Multifunctional Macromolecule Surfactant" was listed on the Torch Program of Guangdong Province; in July 2002, the "Polished Ground Tile Anti-fouling Compound" was honored as "Provincial Key Product"; in July 2003, "Surface Active Reactive Type Macromolecule Monomer", "Scouring Enzyme KTO" and "FX-303 Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver" were honored as "Provincial Key Products", which has greatly promoted the competitiveness of the company and generated enormous social and economic benefits. Our other key products are pharmaceutical APIs. Since 2001, we have developed progestogen series products, which have supplied a gap in China and been immediately acknowledged internationally. In 2004, we established long-term cooperative relationship with Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry in the development of new APIs, which has put our company to the foreland of front edge technologies.
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